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Why Should I Give If I Don't Use The Nonprofits Or Their Services?

It's the right thing to do...

  • You’re helping those who cannot help themselves
  • Helping local nonprofits improves the health of our entire community
  • You may need the services of one of the agencies at some point

It’s like buying insurance against some personal mishap. Our partner nonprofits (we call them agencies) aren't always working with the disadvantaged.

  • You may have a child born with special needs... a United Way-supported program will help
  • You may have a parent who is a "senior" that needs extra help...United Way-supported programs will be there to help
  • You may find yourself unemployed and need help making ends meet until you find a new job...a United Way-supported program may help you through that time

Why Shouldn't I Just Give Directly To The Nonprofits I Care About?

You should! It isn't an either/or situation. We just want to be included in your charitable giving.  Because that gift you give combines with many other donations - small and large - into a "community pot" of funds. You might give $100 once to a vital-for-our-community charity.  But, we can give that charity $30,000 - $100,000 each year. With a larger, more impactful, financial contribution from us year after year, it enables them to be able to plan long-term and build their programs for present and future needs.

Where Does My Donation Go?

Your donation stays right here in southern Chester County.  It is used to help local people with a wide range of needs that live in our four southern school districts.  We don’t give money directly to those individuals in need.  We fund the local nonprofits whose programs address those human needs -  helping with crisis intervention, child and senior care, health issues, legal issues… just to name a few.

How Does United Way Work?

You make a donation to the United Way – either from home or through a workplace giving campaign. That donation goes into what we call our “Community Impact Fund.” Once a year, there is an open call for nonprofits to make a request for those donations. This is called our Allocation Process.  Local nonprofits present their case, lots of supporting documents (!), and their requested amount to our Allocation Panel, which is made up of local citizens.  The panel then makes recommendations on whom and how much to fund to our Board of Directors. The Board ultimately votes on who gets what and selected nonprofit programs receive quarterly payments for a year.  We also track and measure their programs’ effectiveness each year to be sure they are using the funds appropriately. This year, UWSCC is funding 23 programs in 17 local nonprofits.

Who Runs United Way of Southern Chester County?

You! Our United Way is ultimately “run” by you, your friends, co-workers and neighbors. Over 200 volunteers donate their time each year – to a wide variety of activities. There are also 23 dedicated volunteer board members who are in charge of maintaining a quality United Way and plotting its strategic course into the future.  The staff that runs the day-to-day operations can be found here.

Don't My Tax Dollars Take Care of All This?

NO, THEY DON'T. Since the mid-1930s, federal tax dollars have been funneled to provide certain categories of help. Generally these programs are limited to direct sustenance programs, like food and shelter. Whereas, United Way-supported nonprofits provide a whole range of services from cradle to grave.

Are United Way-supported Nonprofits Just For The Poor?

No. Dollars contributed to United Way are allocated where they will do the most good for the entire community. Partner nonprofits’ services target all people, no matter their income level.


One Community. One Commitment. One Contribution.