How to Become A Partner Agency

It Is A Multiple Step Process...

The first step in the process is to determine if your nonprofit is even eligible to become a partner agency. Please read through the Eligibility for Partner Agencies Policy to see if your agency fulfills the ten base requirements to be considered for funding.

We fund specific programs within an agency. The agency must be eligible and then we need to investigate the measurable results of the program for which you are seeking funding. Your program must serve a significant amount of people living in the Southern Chester County service area. We have de-funded programs that were serving less than 10 people with their program - it is a matter of getting the biggest bang for our donors' dollars.

If your agency fulfills our base requirements and the program you seek funding for serves at least ten southern Chester County residents, the next step is to contact Terry Vodery, the CEO, to discuss your program.

The funding cycle starts each year on January 2nd when comprehensive funding applications are emailed to the agencies wishing to ask for funding consideration. Applications are due back in February, your agency will be scheduled to appear in front of community allocation panels, where you will be questioned about your agency and program. Decisions on funding are released in early May. Should your program be approved for funding, you will receive quarterly pay-outs starting in September and running through the following June.

One Community. One Commitment. One Contribution.