Independence through Education

UWSCC believes in the transformative power of education. We fund ten (10) nonprofit programs that move the clients to independence through education.

At the adult level, we are proud to fund an adult literacy program for non-English speakers whose lives are transformed when they master reading, writing, and speaking English. Their families' finances improve as they become eligible for better-paying jobs. A number of successful area businesses are now owned by graduates of this Adult Literacy Program.

Parents struggling with children born with disabilities need both educational advocacy and support services. A UWSCC-funded program provides those services.

We have four excellent school districts in southern Chester County, graduating wonderful children. Many of those children receive mentoring, tutoring, and guidance for achieving their dreams through after-school programs we fund. We even support a mentoring program specifically for teen mothers, helping them fulfill their future dreams and learn to be better parents simultaneously.

Education changes lives and your donations support that.

One Community. One Commitment. One Contribution.