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Needs...Visible and Invisible

Chester County may be one of the wealthiest counties in the United States, but we have human needs here. As you travel through the rolling hills of southern Chester County, you don't see homeless people. But we have them. You don't see children who look hungry. But we have them. You don't see seniors who are struggling, deciding between purchasing food or their prescription medicine that day. But we have them.

In 2016, right here in southern Chester County:
  • 2,075 students, ages 5 - 17, were living in poverty.  In our 4 wonderful school districts -  Avon Grove, Kennett, Oxford, and Unionville-Chadds Ford, that is 9.5% out of the 21,775 students
  • 442 children experienced homelessness
  • 524 people were victims of domestic violence and 662 people needed help as crime victims
  • Countless adults cannot read, write or speak English, jeodarizing their children's lives in an emergency 
  • 515 high school students sought mentoring and a nurturing place to hang out after school
  • 1,877 people needed emergency assistance to stay in their homes, keep the lights or heat on, purchase needed medical prescriptions...basic life needs
  • 4,109 people needed food from our food cupboards
  • 3,810 people needed subsidized health services because they were un-insured or under-insured
So life isn't perfect for everyone living here in southern Chester County.
Last year, 18,000 people living here in southern Chester County needed to turn to a United Way-sponsored agency for help.  
Share your blessings and help us help them.


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