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Promoting Stability and Sustainability

We can't reverse the clock when it comes to aging or disease. We just have to deal with certain situations and UWSCC funds sustainability programs for our seniors to access to improve their lives. We also fund health and dental services for under-insured or uninsured families to improve their health and counseling services to improve their spirit. When we are healthier as a community, everyone benefits.

When we talk about stability programs, we are referring to programs that help stabilize families... programs that provide daycare scholarships for low-income families so they can afford quality childcare or programs that provide work-appropriate clothing and job counseling so women can work. If you can't afford the uniform at a job, even if it is as simple as nursing scrubs, or receptionist-appropriate attire for the office, you will not get the job.

UWSCC supports helping stabilize families and helping them succeed in the workforce and improving the lives of the ill and the elderly.

One Community. One Commitment. One Contribution.