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See How We Spend Your Donations

We Have A Unique Community-Driven Process For Funding Local Non-Profits

We call it the Allocations Process.  More than 70 local community member donors are selected at random to participate in a series of Allocation Panels.  We provide them with information about the non-profits who are apply for funding, including their requests, financials and how many people in southern Chester County are served by them. The Panel Members then listen to in-person presentations by those non-profits, including a Q&A session, which allows our Panel Members a full understanding of the non-profit and the basis for their request. Then, the hard part! These panel members discuss and debate the non-profits' requests, needs and decide at what levels to fund each. This is not an easy task - all the local non-profits in our area do amazing work, but we are limited by the amount of donations we receive.  These panel members work together to find the best solutions for each non-profit they are responsible for.  Want to hear more from recent panel members? Watch them describe it in their own words...

We Support Local NonProfit Agencies Serving Southern Chester County Residents

We work closely with our partner non-profits to assist them in several ways. We help recruit volunteers for their programs, host trainings for their staff members to improve efficiencies and controls in their agencies, as well as serving as a resource to them for whatever they may need. This close communication and partnership allows United Way of Southern Chester County to stay attuned to the unique needs of Southern Chester County's most vulernable residents - as they develop and change.

Click on the name of the non-profit to be taken to their website.

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